Friday, April 6, 2012

Merries diapers: Free sample

Merries was the best selling tape diaper brand in Japan
as of August 2010 to November 2011

Tape is for the Newborn baby above.
Tape designed allow air flow freely between diaper and baby skin,
superb absorbency, soft poo absorbing sheet, and flexi-fit "W" shape
 to provide gentle comfort when baby move actively

Walker Pants suitable for baby in stage learning walk
Walker Pants soft around the waist, Comfortable around the tight

Terms & Conditions
  1. Free sample for Merries Tape diapers is available in sizes NBx3s, Sx2s, Mx2s & Lx2s only. While Merries Walker Pants diapers is available in size Mx1s only. 
  2. Each household is permitted to request for tape sample only once. Repeated entries for the same diaper type will be disregarded. 
  3. Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery of the samples.
  4. Entries with incomplete addresses will be deemed invalid. Should you have any issues, please email to 
  5. This free sample request is only available for all residing in Singapore only, except employees & immediate families of Kao Singapore Pte Ltd.