Monday, January 11, 2016

FREE Enfamama A+ sample sent to your door!

FREE Enfamama A+ sample sent to your door! Terms and conditions apply and while stocks last.  This sample is available for limited time only.

**Terms and conditions apply**
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Upon register of EnfaMama A+ Club member

Register will enjoy following benefits as well: -

1. Welcome Gift*
  • You will receive a mystery gift when you call Consumer Care at 1800-345-5213 upon receiving your Welcome Pack.
2. Mama to Mama Newsletter
  • This informative newsletter is filled with news and tips on pregnancy, child development, nutrition and parenting. It's not all serious though – you can read up on fun activities you can do with your child and check out the latest promotions.
3. Free Product Sample
  • We’ll help you keep track of your child’s changing nutritional needs by mailing you relevant information and product samples that suit his or her stage of growth.
4. Birthday Bonus*
  • You'll receive a mystery birthday present! Just call Consumer Care at 1800-345-5213 within 1 month of your birthday to claim your gift.
5. First to know
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*Terms and Conditions apply

About Enfamama A+

Enfamama A+ with 360° DHA PLUS is a high quality milk supplement specially formulated for pregnant and lactating moms.

To support nutritional needs of moms and development of baby during pregnancy and lactation

Scientifically formulated by Mead Johnson Nutrition with increased DHA and Choline levels▲

High in Folic Acid, Iron and Calcium

Lower in Fat
82% less fat than full cream milk for vanilla
80% less fat than full cream milk for chocolate