Thursday, May 16, 2013

KOSÉ: Free New SEKKISEI Sun Protection Gel Samples Giveaway!!

Bouncy. Soft. Snowy White Skin. 

KOSÉ is proud to introduce the new SEKKISEI Sun Protect Gel.
Its lightweight, "ultrathin cohesive veil" formula 
protects your skin from UV damage and locks in moisture 
without messy and greasy applications! 

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What's More?
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About SEKKISEI Sun Protect Gel
  • Moisture components such as oriental plant essence are fully compounded. Penetrates easily with cool and enriched texture, leaving skin moist on the inside and smooth on the surface. Sun protect gel made with oriental plant lotion that creates smooth and translucent skin by preventing spots and freckles caused by sunburn.
  • Thin and light oil with enriched and gentle usage feel and high penetration grants smooth skin without becoming sticky. It is so comfortable it feels like bare skin, and you will forget you are wearing it.
  • Thin and soft “Ultrathin cohesive veil” traps moisture inside of skin for long hours, while protecting it from UV rays and maintains healthy skin