Monday, March 24, 2014

Missha: Enjoy Beauty Products @ 50% Discount!!

  • One of Korea's leading cosmetics and skin care brands
  • Endorsed by many Korean celebrities
  • Years of research and development go into each product
  • Brighten, whiten, moisturise and heal skin of discolouration, dehydration and more
  • Skin care line for men suited for common male problems
  • Make up line includes minerals, collagen and UV protecting agents

Once unattainable, the porcelain skin of Korean superstars can be a reality with Missha's wide range of cosmetics and skin care products that have years of research and quality ingredients put into them to give both women and men healthy glows and radiant skin.

As one of the first brands to revolutionise BB (blemish balm) and CC (colour correcting) creams, Missha has gained a reputable name for itself with their unique formulations that moisturises, brightens and whitens skin, while providing a flawless coverage that hides blemishes and evens out skin tones for a natural, dewy finish.

About Missha
Missha is one of Korea's leading brands for cosmetics and skin care products and has been endorsed by various Kpop artists such as BoA, TVXQ and more. With the belief that cosmetics and skin care have transcended genders and are now basic essentials for everyday living, Missha aims to lower extravagant pricing without having to compromise on quality and effectiveness.