Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lancome: Enjoy Free UV Expert XL BB Complete Samples Giveaway!!

Lancome is giving away Free UV Expert XL BB Complete Samples

We love multi-functional products! 
The triple action UV Expert XL BB Complete shields you 
from harmful pollution, haze and UV rays with SPF 50 PA++++, 
corrects dark spots, lines and pores, and unifies your complexion for a rosy radiance! 
The best part? With a texture as light as one rose petal, 
enjoy the triple benefits in the greatest comfort.

Did You Know?
Lancôme laboratories have integrated for the first time a XL-Shield™ technology that helps protect against long "XL" UVA rays while maintaining a 12H UVB protection.

The new XL-Shield™ technology also has an anti-dullness effect to protect the skin tone and create a magnificent rosy skin.