Friday, January 15, 2016

SHISEIDO is giving away FREE Lucent Brightening trial kit

SHISEIDO is giving away FREE complimentary trial kit of White Lucent Brightening Trial Kit. Simply go to SHISEIDO's website to fill in your email and SHISEIDO will send over a unique serial number to you. All you need to do is to present it to any SHISEDO store. This offer is for limited time only and while stocks last.
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  • Four revolutionary technologies work in targeted ways to eliminate spots and maximize skin radiance. Carefully formulated into the new White Lucent products, they effectively reduce skin dullness and discolorations, zooming in on even the smallest imperfections to reveal perfect skin.
MicroTarget Technology
  • Perfects skin tone at the microscopic level
  • Conventional laser treatment is good for treating conspicuous dark spots. By contrast, MicroTarget Technology targets small, blurry dark spots scattered over the skin with high precision. By boosting cell turnover while avoiding damage to normal skin, it helps reduce the appearance of existing spots and helps skin resist future pigmentation for continuous brightness.
Deep Infuse Technology
  • Whitening ingredients penetrate deep within the skin
  • Whitening ingredients are delivered deep within the skin, going to work on dark spots, even those that do not respond well to treatment. Skin is brightened while new cell growth is promoted, helping to enhance skin radiance.
Luminizing Surge Technology
  • Prolongs whitening care
  • Technology that protects the skin with an ion veil while repairing the skin’s barrier function, delivering whitening ingredients deep within the skin to maximize the effects of whitening care and discourage spots from appearing again.
MultiBright Technology
  • Brightens the skin all at once
  • Enhances the effect of Moonlight Recharge Factor that performs night-time repair of UV damage and dryness, which causes uneven skin tone, thereby addressing skin concerns holistically overnight.