Friday, February 5, 2016

Biotherm FREE complimentary AQUA3STEP 3-day trial kit

Biotherm FREE complimentary AQUA3STEP 3-day trial kit

Discover a new moisture ritual with AQUA3STEP daily skincare! Experience 5-layer deep hydration 1 with the new AQUA3STEP daily skincare. Simply fill in your particulars at below link to receive a complimentary AQUA3STEP 3-day trial kit. Terms and conditions apply.

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Biotherm Aquasource 3 Step for women

A skincare legend, Aquasource made waves when it was first launched in 1997 thanks to its innovative gel-cream texture and ground-breaking formulation.

Over the past 14 years Biotherm's biologists have worked tirelessly to continually update its thermal plankton-rich formula and so maintain its place at skincare's cutting edge. A testament to their efforts and to its effectiveness, Aquasource is now a cult product. Almost 25 million jars have been sold since 2001 and an Aquasource product is sold every 8 seconds somewhere in the world.

True to its pioneering origins, Aquasource has consistently pushed the limits of hydration to meet women's evolving needs and desires. In 2011, Biotherm will yet again break new ground in the field of facial hydration with the launch of a radically new Aquasource formulation that delivers unprecedented five-layer deep and longlasting hydration all in the unique gel-cream texture loved by women all over the world.

The next generation Aquasource's formulation taps the incredible moisturising power of Mannose, a new and exclusive ingredient of legendary origin, which, together with Biotherm's super-charged and life-nurturing Thermal Plankton cellular water, helps deliver never-experienced-before levels of hydration.